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Fixed wire testing of all electrical installations is required to adhere to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, and is required at intervals up to five years.

Here at Key Electrical we have a wealth of expertise in fixed wire testing, and our engineers can help you to keep your electrical system in good working order, to ensure it is safe for the public and your employees.

After your fixed wire test a full report will be issued detailing all of your distribution boards and circuits, and any faults present in the installation. This report will make you fully aware of the layout of your electrical system. This will help your in-house maintenance staff reduce production downtime and increase productivity – saving you time and money.


Fixed wire testing, or periodic testing, is an inspection and test of the wiring embedded in the fabric of the building. It connects your distribution boards to your sockets, lights, and other appliances.

Fixed wire testing is necessary to comply with the requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, which insist that the electrical system is in good working order, and is safe and fit for purpose. The only way to ensure this is to have your electrical installation properly tested.

Typically, installations require testing at either three or five year intervals, and we are able to offer a bespoke solution to your requirement should you wish to split the cost, or divide the time we will need to be on site over the five year period. This will help you spread the cost of the testing if you have a budget you need to work to, or a specific timescale to fit the works into.

Many insurance companies now request that a current and up to date fixed wire test has been carried out on your premises (now known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report), and many will also invalidate insurance policies until this has been carried out. Here at Key Electrical we are experienced in dealing with insurance companies, and can liaise directly with them for you.

Key Electrical are fixed wire testing specialists, so you can rest assured that your electrical installation is in the hands of highly qualified industry professionals.


Here at Key Electrical our engineers are fully qualified, with vast experience in fixed wire testing. We are up to date with the latest qualifications and working procedures. We are able to work out of hours: evenings, night time, or weekends. All of our staff are enhanced CRB checked to ensure you have peace of mind whilst we are on site, we are also used to having key-holder responsibility.

We have expertise working across all sectors of the electrical installation environments, and are able to work in locations across the country. If you are a standalone business, or a multi-site client, you can deal with us for all of your fixed wire testing nationwide, giving you one point of contact to reduce your paperwork, and time spent dealing with external contractors.

Here at Key Electrical we carry out fixed wire testing to the latest 17th edition of the Wiring Regulations, and their associated Guidance Notes, we have extensive knowledge of their content and how they should be implemented, ensuring that you have an in depth and complete report on the condition of your electrical installation. Once testing has been carried out, a full and complete computerised report will be issued, giving you the knowledge of your electrical system you probably didn’t have previously. Your report will be given to you in a hard copy, and also as a PDF file, making it easier for you to pass information on to multiple departments, and to your insurance company.

If any defects are discovered whilst carrying out the test, a full list of these defects will be compiled, and if required, a quotation for their rectification will be issued to you.

We are able to offer varying levels of service, from a basic inspection and test to simply comply with the regulations and your insurance requirements, through to our premium package where every switch, socket and distribution board is labelled.



What is fixed wire testing?
Fixed wire testing is an inspection and electrical safety test of the wiring in the fabric of the building; it includes the circuits supplying lighting and power circuits, along with any distribution boards and consumer units.

Does my business have to be tested?
Under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 an employer has a legal requirement to ensure that the workplace is a safe environment for employees and the public alike, and part of that requirement is to ensure that the electrical installation is safe; the only way to ensure that the electrical installation is safe is to have fixed wire testing carried out. Many insurance companies insist that there is a valid electrical inspection certificate for the premises before issuing cover, and many more simply include it in the small print.

How often does my building need to have fixed wire testing?
It depends upon the type of premises, but typically industrial premises need to be tested every three years, and commercial premises every five years.

Is having my building tested very expensive?
We are very competitive in the marketplace, and we aim to give you best value for your money, we very often hear from clients that we have shown them a considerable cost saving compared to what they previously paid, and against other quotations. If there is a budget restraint then we can put a programme together to spread the testing process over a period of five years, giving you a fixed cost each year to allocate in your yearly budget.

How long will testing take?
The time the fixed wire testing process takes will depend upon the size of your premises and the number of circuits in your premises. After we give you a free site survey we will be able to give you an accurate account of how long the process will take, and how we can minimise any disruption.

Does the testing have to be done during normal working hours?
The work can be carried out during anytime that best suits your workplace requirements. We are able to carry out the testing whilst your business is in operation, and are able to minimise disruption within your requirements. If you would prefer to have no disruption to your normal operations, then we can carry out the works out of hours, whether on an evening, night time, or weekend.

Can my maintenance staff do the testing?
Any staff carrying out fixed wire testing have to be qualified to the latest regulations, and should be fully conversant with their content and application – this is a requirement under the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. The other thing to consider is that it normally has a higher cost associated to it if your in-house staff carry out the works, as it will remove them from their day-to-day duties, and typically they are not as quick to carry out the works as a dedicated inspection and testing engineer.

What will the test show me?
The test report will give you a true and accurate account of the condition of your electrical installation. It will detail all distribution boards and consumer units, and their location within your building. Every lighting and power circuit will be tested, and the report will show where each circuit is supplied from, and how many points are on each circuit.

What happens if faults are found?
Any faults present within your electrical installation will be detailed on the reported, along with a description of where the fault is, and how serious it is. If requested, a free quotation will be provided for their rectification.

Will I receive a certificate?
As part of our standard service, you will receive a printable PDF certificate after your fixed wire testing has been carried out. You will receive access to a secure file portal containing all of your paperwork, meaning you can distribute it throughout your company departments, and your insurance company, with ease.