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LED Lighting

Here at Key Electrical we are market leaders in LED lighting, and our engineers can help you to reduce your energy usage and your carbon footprint – saving you time and money.

With the introduction of the government’s Carbon Reduction Scheme, companies are now required to pay a carbon tax for every tonne of CO2 they produce, replacing your existing lamps or fittings for LED lighting will help you to reduce your carbon emissions which in turn will reduce the tax you have to pay.

Energy saving LED lighting will significantly reduce your energy consumption. LED lighting replaces your existing lamps or fittings and use over 60% less electricity than older forms of lighting – saving you money! They are also whiter, brighter, and last significantly longer – typically three times longer than your existing lamps, this means they need replacing much less often, reducing your maintenance and recycling costs – saving you money!

Energy saving LED lamps are available to replace all types of existing lighting, simply let us know your requirements, and we can provide you with a free report to show you what return you will get on your investment.

Energy Saving LED


LED replacements for traditional fluorescent tubes consume 67% less electricity, giving you significant savings on your energy bill.

LED tubes last over three times longer than traditional fluorescent tubes, meaning maintenance fitting and replacement costs are significantly lower – saving you time and money.


New products are coming to the market every day, and here at Key Electrical we are at the forefront of the marketplace, with contacts across multiple manufacturers and distributors, ensuring your business benefits from the most up to date products available, ensuring you have the very best technology at your disposal.

LEDs are immediately available to replace the following lamp types:

  • 600mm fluorescent tube
  • 1200mm fluorescent tube
  • 1500mm fluorescent tube
  • 1800mm fluorescent tube
  • 2D 16W, 28W, 38W fluorescent tubes
  • GU10 50W halogen (including dimmable and SMD)
  • MR16 50W halogen (including SMD)
  • 18W 2 pin and 4 pin PL lamp